How to Keep Diamonds Shiny

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How to Keep Diamonds Shiny

Diamond rings are meant to last a lifetime hence this calls for a little maintenance to make them sparkle at all times. If not well taken care of, diamond usually become dull and lifeless. Grim and contact with oil residues are the major hamper to the sparkle and the subsequent loss of the light transmitting ability of diamond. A number of practices have been identified to maintain the sparkle nature of diamond.

  1. Clean it regularly

Cleaning your diamond most often is the first way of ensuring your diamond sparkles. This involves a series of steps that includes immersing your diamond in a water bath with detergent such as ivory soap or ¼ cup of ammonia for about ten minutes. Then using a soft bristle brush, the diamond can be cautiously scrubbed avoiding any scratch on the ring settings. The ring can be washed in a water bath to remove the grime loosen on brushing before you blot dry with a soft cloth. Also, a solution of vodka can be used in jewel cleaning. The jewel is soaked, rinsed under a warm water bath and rubbed dry with a lint cloth to retain its shine.

  1. Taking care while handling

Engagement rings should have band used to handle it to avoid directly handling the diamond since by directly touching the ring, the natural oil from your hands build up around the ring settings usually not easy to clean. Also it is evidence that picking the ring directly loosen its settings and so using a rubber band is the best care way of handling the diamond rings. Rubberband ensures gentle touch to avoid pressure and tension settings on the ring.

  1.    Avoid harmful solutions

Solutions that breaches such as chlorine and some home cleaners should not be allowed in contact with diamond. These chemicals are known to damage metal alloys that form components of the diamond. Abrasive nature of these chemicals also scratch the diamond and so performing such chores that includes cleaning kitchen or bathrooms with your jewels on must be avoided since these exposes diamond hazards.

  1.    Professional cleaning

It’s advisable to use to employ professional cleanings when cleaning diamond jewels. This is because of the special treatments given like steam cleaners which removes the gunk that adheres to the jewel. A special machine like ultrasonic cleaners is also employed to dislodge dirt particles from the surface of the diamond.

  1.        Expert check

The jewel setting at times loosens and expert monitors the wear and tear that makes the jewel maintains its sparkle for a long time.

Diamonds are precious metals that require regular care. Keeping your diamond clean is usually important to hold its value.

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