Are Simulated Diamonds Worth It?

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Are Simulated Diamonds Worth It?

Are Simulated Diamonds Worth It?

Simulated diamonds do not contain similar molecular structure like diamonds. The can be gems that naturally occur or can be lab grown. The reason to why they are referred to as simulated diamonds is because of their cut that ape diamonds. Simulated diamonds are not synthetic diamonds since they are not grown with similar molecular and compound composition like real diamonds which occur naturally. Examples of such diamonds are Cubic Zirconia, rhinestone and sapphire. Here are some various materials from which stimulant diamonds are made from.

  1. Clear Quartz

This is a naturally occurring rock that’s found beneath the earth’s surface in the crust. The mineral contains a crystalline-like structure that’s clear and shines just like glass. A number of people get to appreciate it since it has an additional inclusion that gives the stone a very unique look. Moreover, this mineral found deep in the earth is in abundance which makes it frequently less expensive than other diamonds that are simulated. The rock also has soft structure and is not advisable if you are intending to purchase one as a wedding or an engagement ring rather it’s ideal for earrings, pendants or other pieces of jewelry.

  1. Cubic Zirconia

This is the widespread alternative for real diamonds because of its low value. They are very common in silver ring sets going for less than $100. You can also pay way much less 10 cents for a cubic zirconia not matter what the price. The CZ is chipped easily and is skillfully cut. CZ looks exactly just like a real diamond, however all simulated diamonds are not as perfect as real ones. If you have some knowledge about real diamonds, it won’t be hard to note a perfect CZ and think it’s fake. They have a spectacular shine so it’s not awful merchandise for your cash.

  1. Synthetic garnet

This is also a naturally occurring rock that is found under the surface of the earth all over the entire world. Garnet is often red in color and is mined in countries including; as South Africa, India and Brazil. Nonetheless, a myriad of people prefer synthetic garnets over real garnets because of its value. Just like all the other synthetic gems, synthetic garnet is manufactured in laboratories through the same processes and ingredients that is found in the real stone. They can also be manufactured without necessarily having identical compounds. Check with brilliant earth and inquire about the garnet of your preference.

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